Help Wanted: From graduation to gainful employment

Waiting for an interview
Alexis Hosier

Alexis Hosier

I still haven’t landed my first interview. However, I have sent out a lot of resumes and DVDs showcasing my work. Now the waiting game begins. When my phone rings I hope it is for a job interview. I am currently applying for jobs at television stations and random places that have nothing to do with the field I studied in college.

While looking for my first full-time job, I am also applying for part time jobs just to have something to do and to make some money. This seems to be the theme with a lot of the people I graduated with. We need money so we end up working at the mall or waiting tables. I am not opposed to working at those places, it is just a hard pill to swallow when in the back of my mind, I know I have a bachelor’s degree.

I have been looking for jobs at, Emmis Communications, NCAA, Indiana Broadcasters Association and other popular job search sites such as Hotjobs on Yahoo. I am finding a lot of openings for positions that require five or more years experience. The entry-level positions are harder to find, but I have found that if you keep searching through the Web sites sometimes deep within the sites there are job openings. It is like a scavenger hunt for jobs.


Go back to school?
May 21, 2009, 7:21 pm
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Alexis Hosier

Alexis Hosier

I still haven’t found a job yet or even gotten an interview. It was really hard celebrating my graduation party with all of my family and friends and having to answer the big question, “What are you doing now?”

I have recently been throwing around the idea of going back to school, taking an LSAT prep course and applying to Law school for Fall 2010. Law school has always been something I have thought about doing, but I put TV first. TV jobs just aren’t there it seems. My biggest mistake my senior year was that I didn’t take the GRE or LSAT, because I was set on getting a job in TV. I didn’t look any further than that or have a plan past getting a job in TV.

I am not doing any stories as of now because I have no equipment. In TV the longer you are out of the game, the less likely you are to get a job because you need practice and experience. Hopefully something comes along soon, just how soon?

Graduation just four days away
May 5, 2009, 6:33 pm
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Alexis Hosier

Alexis Hosier

With graduation just four days away at Indiana University, anxiety is running high. I have been so busy finishing up papers for classes and studying for finals that I forgot I was trying to find a job too. I sometimes like to think that I will just be back in Bloomington next year and everything will be perfect, but then I remember that graduation means we aren’t coming back to what I consider the best college town in the world.

I continue to make connections through family members, but none of those connections are in the sports field, but rather mostly politics. I figure wherever I can get my name out there is a good thing.

In the short-term, I am going to put the real world with a post-graduation trip to Las Vegas, a vacation courtesy of my sister as my graduation gift. But when I arrive back,  I will be back to reality, back to being unemployed. A scary thought, huh?

A lot of people have told me to travel before I settle down with a job, but how do you travel with no money? In six months, I will have to start paying back student loans, which is a scary thought because I have no way of generating that money right now. Where do I get the money? Borrow from my family? That is the easy route. The main reason I have so much anxiety about not having a job yet is because of my debt.

So, as of May 9th my new residence will be at my sisters house in Indianapolis until I find a job. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean getting a job as a waitress, but it just might. Trying to stay positive but senior anxiety has officially set in.

Getting your name – and your work – out there
Alexis Hosier

Alexis Hosier

I am still looking for that foot in the door opportunity, however, in the meantime I am shaking hands and meeting new people. People in the business are willing to help. I can’t thank people enough for their advice on signing contracts, applying for jobs and anything else that is helpful to getting a job in Sports Broadcasting.

It is extremely important to get your name, face and personality out there and see what happens. You never know who might like you enough to give you an interview. I am still looking for that job in sports, but I have been told that patience is the key.

I continue to use,, Twitter, Facebook and anything else to network. CareerScribe and LinkedIn are professional networks that allow people to see polished information about yourself. On CareerScribe I am able to post recent stories that I have done and send that out to potential employers. It is a constant timeline of new things I am working on. Also, on LinkedIn I am able to make connections with people and build a network. I use Twitter and Facebook to post any recent stories I have done with I am hoping that a lot of people see these stories and maybe someone will notice my work. Having a job by the time I graduate in two weeks doesn’t seem realistic, but I’d like to think that I’m ahead of the game.